Think like an Engineer, act like a Businessman, feel like an Artist, and live like an Ocean.

Everything is Science if you can understand it, and is an Art if you can feel it. I am an engineer by degree, a researcher by hobby, and an artist by nature.

A curious person blessed to see life as an artist, engineer, researcher, inventor, mathematician, and to make a significant contribution in these fields. Some of the contributions are mentioned here: a computer Language, computer ransomware (and its antivirus), a theorem in Pure Mathematics, addictive auction theory in Theoretical Economics, a theory for electron pair present inside the p-atomic orbital in Quantum Chemistry, Mathematical developments in the Simulation Hypothesis in Physics, cutting edge novel research work in the field of Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, a novel algorithm in Quantum Computing, Cyclic scheduling algorithm in Operating Systems, Modified counting sort in Algorithms, and some Patented Inventions. With 50+ software projects and repositories on Github, and the working experience from the year 2017 to 2019 in product-focused startups in the field of Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Natural Language Processing. Along with this, he has done some paintings and related work in the field of Arts, and have also authored a short story in the English literature. All these experiences have given him a broader view of life, and help understand the world better.

Artist’s Life, spend most of my free time with art galleries, paintings, photography, and art related work. Learning to develop various art forms, from Digital art to sculptures, to paintings etc. For more details please do visit Artist’s Life section and Instagram account.

Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering, during his graduation he explored various fields of Computer Sciences to feed his ongoing curiosity. He got trained in Java SE and Java EE from NIIT during his first and second year of graduation and gained skills on Servlets, Java Server Pages, JDBC,  Java Beans, Java FX, and other interesting OOPS method. In the second year, he joined a workshop conducted by Lucideus for improving cybersecurity based skill set, which in long run helped him in developing a new Computer Virus written in Java SE 8 and later got copyrighted to him. In the third year, he got an internship in Big Data Hadoop from LinuxWorld, Rajasthan (tied with redhat) where he worked on Hadoop 1 and 2, Docker, Splunk, Hive, Pig using RHEL OS and submitted his internship project “Smart Hadoop Cluster Tool” for the fulfilment of the internship. In the fourth year of graduation,  He and his team selected designing a “private cloud”  as their final year project. All these experiences provided him massive exposure to cutting-edge technologies of that time. During his graduation, he was consistently working on his individual research works, papers and copyrights. Research works were got accepted and then published by Springer and other reputed publication houses. All the software-based projects except copyrighted software, are available on his github profile, present in Engineer’s Life section too.

He started his career in the field of Machine Learning, Deep Learning in May 2017, and since then he is consistently working in the domain of Artificial Intelligence, more focused on Computer Vision. He has also done various research works including novel research papers, copyrights and patents.

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Final Update: 13th January, 2021.

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